Passover (Spring) Cleaning

Well, I finally did it. I finished Passover (Spring) cleaning. A job which I hate doing that I really procrastinate with it. It’s amazing what you find when your cleaning up. Heck, I found things I either didn’t know I had, thought I lost or just misplaced.  But in the end, it didn’t take very long either.

While I was at it, I decided to untangle a huge amount of wires and plugs and half of them I have no idea where they go so I wondered if I should figure it out or just throw it away. I chose the latter.

I don’t really understand why I have to clean anyway since I’m away for the entire Passover anyway. I know it’s a yearly ritual but what’s the point if one’s not even going to be here. Strange part about this, I had to help my sister and her husband and they will be gone as well. Sure I moved the oven and fridge but that still counts…. I think.

Which begs the question: Should I have packed first then clean or doesn’t matter?  I don’t care as I have to pack regardless and I have very little time to do it in and I need to shop as part of the packing…. Weird right?

Until next year, I’m glad to be done. But it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be this time around. In fact, it was a breeze. I guess the fact that I wasn’t home for an entire year may have helped.

Anyway, how did the rest of you fare? Do you hate Passover cleaning as much as I do or do you get it done as fast as possible just to be done with it? We can’t all be procrastinators can we?


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