Passover Gatherings

 Passover is the equivelent to Christams because it is when the families get together. The only difference is that Passover is 8 days (10 if you count the 2 extra days that everyone comes).  And while I can’t remember the last time my family came together for the Passover holiday, I know that I will remember this one and while being together as a whole has it’s ups and downs, it’;s to be expected however, no matter the incidents that happen.

   I write this from the lobby of the hotel that I am calling home for the week and a half (I have been here since Monday) and it amazes me how so many people from many different backgrounds come here for a “vacation.”  What amazes me even more is that I am here with my father, sisters, brother in laws, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and for the weekend, my brother and sister in law with the kids. Everyone under one roof together in a very, very long time. Have their been arguments? Sure. Disagreements? Yes. All this is expected but I feel that this is a good thing because then we can all give our opinions and know what each other is thinking. Yet, in a strange way, it also brings us closer and makes us stronger.

      There are some positive things for wanting to be in a hotel for Passover.  For instance, there’s never a shortage of food. Basically, 24 hrs of whatever you want (though pastries, fruits and tea after midnight.) Everything is catered which is good but what I like is how everyone comes together in one big Ballroom to enjoy the meals. Young, Old and the In Betweens. It’s like being at a wedding without the music. I do feel bad for the waiters though who have to be at your beck and call all day. This is NOT therefavorite holiday (I could be wrong) but at least they are nice.

It is also very relaxing and allows you to be lazy and while I am glad to have a pool for a daily swim, believe it or not, it can tire you out but it is relaxing and refreshing and in fact, it can be very liberating for reasons I can’t explain.

    Anyway, back to the family. For the first time in a really long time, we really got to do things together as a family. (More on that in my next post). It was fun and a different change of pace for once and thankfully, the weather was nice to us. Granted, we were indoors but hey, nice weather always helps.

    Last night, my nephews were smiling from the magic show that was put on for them and since it was geared for them, I took a dip in the pool and the whirlpool before it was time for the “grownup” show. I gotta say, the whirlpool did wonders for my back. Makes for  nice massage. The pool isn’t the greatest and I have been in better ones, but hey, at least the hotel has one. But it was so refreshing.

  The holiday is not yet over and we still have a few more days here and I am looking forward to spending time with my brother and the kids who I’m sure will love it here. In all honesty, I never understood why families go away to a hotel for Passover but now I think I do and it’s because they like the freedom, relaxation and the fact that for a week and a half, you have no worries and you can enjoy the atmosphere of a beautiful holiday. And what more could you ask for?


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