Show Me The Signs. Show Me The Signs. (Part One)

It has been a strange yet interesting week but I’m not sure if it’s in a good way or in a bad way.  Every day this week  I had some sort of an injury at work and each day it got worse. Here’s what happened:

Monday: Cut myself on a box. (Apparently, box cutters aren’t just razors)

Tuesday: I was cleaning  metal and I swiftly cleaned some dirt off and touched the edge whereupon I started to bleed all over and if you couldn’t stand the site of blood, you would have fainted as it was gushing all over the place. In fact, the skin was peeling that you could see some tissue.

Wednesday: Went to the doctor who did say I needed stitches unfortunately, my dermatologist told me that if it’s more then 24 hrs, he won’t do it. In all hindsight, I probably should have gone to the hospital immediately  but I am a bit scared of hospitals. Plus, I once got stitched on my nose (A year ago) and it hurt like hell and I was scared. I did take care of it myself with my handy first aid kit and I’m hoping it heals well without the stitches.

Thursday: Thankfully, nothing happened to me today but I took it easy as well so….

But what does this all mean? I have no idea  but I think it’s G-D trying to tell me something. What that is I have no idea but I have been thinking about it a lot which I will discuss in my next post. I just wanted to get this off my chest because it’s been bothering me.  The funny thing is that I work in a bad neighborhood and this isn’t the first time things have happened to me.

Just reflecting on what’s been happening these last few days.

Part Two forthcoming.


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