Looking Back On A Recent Job.

I’ve been away from this site for several months and for that I apologize. It’s not that I don’t want to share my thoughts and observations with you. I do.  It’s just that I’ve been real stressed out and busy with a job. Yes a job that I no longer have.  It was supposed to be real simple and easy and at first it was but maybe that’s because I didn’t really have the responsibility right away.

It was actually pretty easy because the job was two blocks from my house so there was no worries about transportation and things and when I first started, I had the night shift which seemed like an ideal thing for training and everything right? Yes and no because at night is usually when it’s the busiest and most crowded so it’s hard to learn under pressure. Of course, companies want to see that you can work under pressure and they have scenario’s to test you for that but it really depends on the job.

You are probably wondering what kind of a job this was.  It was a fast food place/restaurant that will rename nameless.  But it’s something that I wanted as I took some classes for this type of work which isn’t to say I have no experience in other things. I do but it’s always good to know more then one thing so you have things to fall back on especially now with the economy the way it is.

Anyway, a few weeks in, I took the day shift for obvious reasons which I would soon regret. Early on it was a fun, relaxed place to work  because there would be little to no customers during the day. However, the owner/boss of the place, I found out, wasn’t easy to work with. He had a history of a temper and being a bit cheap. Also, when it came to employees they walked out on him for various reasons and when you hear that, you know that’s not good.

Which brings me to the title of this post. He admitted to me (and others) and I confirmed it with people close to him, that he has Turrette’s Syndrome and while I’m not sure exactly what that is, I do know that he had mood swings that would change by the minute. It came to a point though where it was impossible to deal with him. There as a point where he became insane and would find faults where there weren’t any without even walking inside the place. He would go batty if it was 3:32 and the place is supposed to open at 3:30 or if the lights weren’t on in broad daylight or if you weren’t wearing your shirt which when you asked for another one he would turn the tables making it my fault.

I know bosses can be nuts but after my research of looking into him from people who worked for him, I can honestly say that I did the right thing by quitting. Should I have stayed until I found something else? Probably. But in hindsight it wasn’t worth the abuse with the money he was paying me.Well, that and my health and well being are more important and to much stress isn’t good for you.

There’s another factor here which is he threatened me…. Twice.  Something I take seriously and personally and if he’s hiding something, which he is, I don’t want to be in the middle because why should I be in trouble because of him? Guys like him I don’t need.

But I am happy because I quit before he had a chance to fire me so I still have my dignity and pride.

Unfortunately,  I can’t collect unemployment due to the fact that I was paid off the books and in cash. Illegal yes but it works out better because you get it all in full with nothing taken off. But being paid off the books has advantages, it also has it’s disadvantages. Most jobs I’ve had or do, pay on the books and as long as I have a job, I won’t complain how I’m paid as long as it’s on time.

Now, I’m hunting again and it sucks because of the economy but I am confident that something will turn up sooner rather then later.


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