An Open Letter to Mayor Bloomberg

Dear Mayor Bloomberg

I hate you. Yes I mean it.  You are a worthless piece of shit and you should step down or get fired. I called 311 and they told me to go to hell when I was complaining about not being able to get around because of the streets not being plowed. Teling me if it’s that important then I should do it myself. You know what Mr. Mayor. FUCK YOU  and your staff. Not only do you break the law to get yourself a 3rd term but then when we have something as bad as this, you decide we don’t exist. Who’s getting plowed? All your buddies and yourself. What the hell? How can one person be so selfish when we, as taxpayers pay your salaries. Are you such a prick that you can all tell us to go to hell?

You should be like Corey Booker and take to Twitter asking who needs to be shoveled out. That’s a mayor who’s a mensch. But what are you doing? Telling us NYERS that we are doing the best we can with what we have.Really? That’s bullshit Mr. Mayor. If you were doing the best you could, we’d all be driving our cars, no longer stranded, and able to walk the streets as if it never snowed. Yet, here we are three days later and we can’t get to work, drive our cars, walk the streets, and still stranded. If this is the best you can do well then I suggest you start visiting each boro.

Don’t get me started on mass transit which should be a top prority for you but why are buses still not running and trains still delayed after 3 days. How dumb can you be? You inconconvience half of the city and for what? But i guarentee you that if a car parks by a meter and forgets to put money in you’ll be quick to issue them a ticket. Is that fair? Are you that money hungry? Besides, why should we pay it if we aren’t getting what we want? And ypu can’t use the excuse that the city doesn’t have enough plows because we’re not buying it.

Look, Bloomberg, get off your fat ass and do some plowing or your gonna have a lot of angry people on the steps of City Hall protesting and asking for your resignation. I pay taxes just like everyone else in NYC and if this is how you treat us well then maybe will just stop paying.  It’s bad enough that NY is already the most expensive state to live in or as I call it: “The Rip-Off State”.  Is it any wonder people are moving out of NY?

You sir are a disgrace to NYC and will go down in NYC history as one of the worst mayors that we ever had. I’m o glad you weren’t around during 9/11 cause knowing you, you might have bumbled that as well. At least if Rudy was still mayor streets would have been plowed within 24 hours.

Open your pocket and offer your billions of dollars in cash to NYERS who are losing pay because of you. You are nothing but a money hungry son of a bitch who only cares about himself. So much so that I am  ashamed that we have you as a mayor.

Oh and you have some chutzpah to be raising the fares at a time like this. The city is stranded and you are raising fares tomorrow when buses are still stuck and trains are still being delayed. How inconsiderate can you be? Do you have no sensitivity? No emotions? No heart?


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