An Active Life

About a year ago, my friend invited me to join a group I had vaguely heard about but didn’t really know much about. So out of curiosity,  I joined it, browsed the group and suddenly there it was. The thing that would eventually change  my life. It was a boat cruise around NYC. I chose to do this for several reasons: First, I never really did something like this and second, I thought it could be a nice place to meet someone or make friends. You see, this group (which I won’t name out of privacy) is a singles group but what makes this one different is that it’s different from others out there.  In the Jewish world , of which I am a part of, there are many different types of singles group for different types of people. Most of them have limitations and restrictions of what you can do or what is allowed and this frustrates many people who don’t want that. They feel claustrophobic and “smushed” because they don’t have the freedom they want.

Which is why this group that I belong to is the best thing thing to happen to me and all those other Jewish people who felt restricted. Our group does not discriminate any Jewish person and if you are not religious it’s perfectly okay as long as your respectful for those of us who are observant.  The only restriction we have is that the age group goes till 42 . Other then that, we have the freedom to do what we want with whomever we want. This sounds like I’m trying to advertise this group and give you a reason to join. On the contrary, I’m explaing this because I am telling a story about myself  and every story needs to have a background to fully understand said story.

Before  I joined this group, I wasn’t that socially active. I am a people person and an active person and I’d go out here with some friends but like I said earlier,  joining this group changed my life immensely because I have made more friends that I know what to do with and been places I’ve never thought I’d go to. And being in this group has indirectly led me to another (I’ll tell you about that in a later post).

I’ll be honest though and say that I was always getting these invites to these weekend getaways (those 4 day weekends we all love) that, at the time, was a fortune of money for me. I say this because I had a job that didn’t pay me that well so while I wanted to go and they looked like fun, I was unable to participate and at the time, I had no idea this was being done by the head of this group. It’s now a year later and I am thankfully able to participate in these excursions and getaways.

The head of this group is an extremely nice guy with a VERY good reputation which is why his events are always successful and while it IS a singles group, many people refuse to go because they have this attitude that they won’t meet anyone or it’s the same type of people all the time or…. They will find any excuse to not come but here’s the thing: Why do you even need the attitude? First off, how do you know you’ll meet someone if you don’t go? And second, do you really need to go to find someone? My philosophy is: If  I meet someone great if not no biggie. If not now then next time. I just look at it as a vacation. I have no problem just hanging with friends and doing our own thing. Hell, I have no problem with just keeping to myself if I have to.

The point is without this group, I wouldn’t have met some terrific people, gone away for the weekends or even experienced some exciting new things for an evening or two. It doesn’t even matter if you don’t meet that special person on these things. What matters is that you go, have fun, make some friends and experience new things you never thought you would experience. You’ve gotta be optimistic when out at public events and be confident about it as well otherwise having the wrong mentality will hurt you down the line.

And by joining this group, I have learned a little about myself as a person but most importantly, it gave me something to do and someplace to go and gave me a new perspective on life. I am grateful for the person who “introduced” me to the group (she doesn’t remember but I’ll call her RB… Figure it out) because it’s really made me see things in a whole new light.

Oh and as for the group, I’m actively involved in it and proud to be. Why? Because it makes me happy that people actually want to hear what I say about ideas I have and how to make things better for an upcoming event or for things in the future. It makes me feel good about myself . Strange I know but that’s how I feel and to me that’s important.


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