Final Thoughts On Tubing And A Thank You

It’s been a few days since the tubing trip/adventure/incident (Call it whatever you like) and an old friend of mine asked me how I’m doing and I told him that I am doing fine and I’ve recovered however, I still feel a bit bad though because there is one friend that I know that feels like I didn’t appropriately thank him for helping me out and while I did apologize, I’m not sure it was enough. It’s kind of been bothering me these last few days and since this blog is supposed to be my thoughts, allow me to share this one with you.

This friend (let’s call him  Peanut… But you know who you are) wasn’t laughing at me persay he was laughing in a good way and probably with me. And looking back on it now, I’d say that’s a good bet because I’d have done the same thing . Come to think of it, I did when he fell out of his tube and kept trying to get back in it. .


Anyway, he did offer me his life jacket which when I think about it now, I probably should have taken but what I really wanted was my tube back. I was trying to swim or even walk through the shallow part but there’ s only so long one can walk on rocks (even with water shoes) besides, that’s no fun. Oh I got my tube back delivered to me by boat which was good but spent another 20 minutes attempting to get into it which I did but it ended up being backwards. I still can’t believe I had to ask a complete stranger to help me back in while those 3 friends thought I was giving them a show and just sat there and laughed. truth be told it was funny.

But when it all boils down, you realize that maybe you did screw up and forget to show your appreciation but when your in shock, your mind isn’t really focused and as such, you are not thinking clearly so now that I’m me again it’s time to be a mentsch and tell Peanut that I thank him for his offer and that I did appreciate his help by the hill. And if it seemed like I attacked you, I’m sorry but that wasn’t my intention at any point. You meant well and I should have realized that but when you almost die there’s nothing you can do but pray and be thankful you’re not dead.

Final thought on this: I’d do this again in a heartbeat (maybe take extra precautions). I’m gl;ad this happened around friends instead of complete strangers though. As for why I didn’t take a vest well, I was informed that you really didn’t need one as the river was only 6 feet deep and I didn’t anticipate almost drowning. I’m also convinced it would have weighed me down in the long run and maybe add to the heat. Hindsight is better then foresight I’m told. Oh well. There’s always next time. 🙂


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