A Day With Flipper And Friends

I’ve been telling people that I’m going swimming with Flipper and stopping along the way to “Free Willy” but I ended up on a ship (or was it a boat).. Still fun and here’s why: Well, most of you reading this already know since you were with me but isn’t it fun to repeat it especially when you have the evidence to show? Anyway, we, and by we I mean the Captain, sailed way, way out to sea (which took an hour). Once there, he stopped the boat/ship and it was time to search for Flipper. Dolphins are known as the “humans” of the ocean and apparently there are two types of dolphins. Porpoises and Bottle nose (though their noses look nothing like a bottle so…). Dolphins are also very agile swimmers which means they are fast. I mean really, really fast. So fast that it was hard to take pictures of them because they don’t  stay in one place. Honestly, I was hoping they’d come up to us and play because they are known as very playful animals. I wonder if they even noticed us. They just kept swimming, swimming… Oops wrong type of animal…. Besides,  Nemo’s already been found) Now, we kept moving to try to find Willy. Some days Willy can be seen. Sometimes not. I guess they found Willy yesterday because, well um cause he was nowhere to be found.

On the weird side: When you go out to sea, it does get a bit scary because not only did we get wet (if you were standing in certain spots),  but the boat rocked back and forth so much so that it felt like we were all drunk because we were bouncing all over the place (hello Tigger) because it got “violent” at times especially on the way back (it was worse like a storm was coming) and without holding on for dear life, one could have easily gone overboard or find a new love (friend if your don’t go that way) .

But it was a fun day out. It’s always fun to be on a boat and the wind blowing on you. Being  out on the ocean is so peaceful, romantic and just alone with your thoughts it really does make thing be put into perspective. Also, Cape May is a wonderful place to visit..  I can say a lot more on this post about the adventure but I think this time I’ll just let the pictures and videos speak for me this time around.


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