The Problems Within The Jewish World

Disclaimer: The following are my thoughts and mine alone and does not reflect the opinions of others.

What I’m about to discuss is a sensitive topic and may hit a few nerves and while I’ve tried to remain silent on several issues that reference the title above, I feel that recent events have caused me to remain silent no longer so  I apologize in advance for those who get offended by this piece.

End of Disclaimer.


On May 20th, there’s a rally(protest?) being held at Citi Field titled: The Internet is NOT the Problem. Basically, this is what it’s about in a nutshell:

On Sunday, May 20th, 2012, thousands are expected to gather in Citi Field to rally against the perceived evils of the internet. Join us for a massive rally to bring awareness to a far bigger problem in the Frum (ultra-orthodox Jewish) community: keeping our children safe.

We are fed up with rabbinical leaders’ dismissive attitude towards sexual and physical violence against children, inadequate educational systems and the shattering of families due to the religious choices of parents or children.

This is NOT an anti-religious protest. We are ultra-Orthodox, Modern Orthodox, Reform, Conservative, secular, male, female, young and old. This is not an ideological issue. This is not an issue only for “insiders.” When it comes to the safety of our children, we must be united and unabashed in our actions.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Everyone is free to protest in any way, shape or form they like as provided to us with our first amendment rights but it’s also allowed within reason and as long as it does not get out of hand which I fear this will become. Now I have a problem with this protest/rally or whatever the hell you want to call it. There’s a far bigger problem here that no one seems to notice which is that no matter what you do, there are far more powerful “forces” that aare pulling the strings. I understand the reason behind the rally and why it’s being done however the problem I have with it is several :
    This actually would be one thing against the rally in the first place. Why in the world are women being banned from this when it affects them to? Why can’t anyone see that in the Jewish Orthodox world, women are treated as 2nd classes citizens? Why? This is so wrong and so inappropriate… First off, without a woman the man is nothing. Man provides but he provides so the women can take care of him. Whoever made the statement: “Women should  stay at home where they belong” is nothing but a chauvinistic and sexist pig. We are no longer living in the dark ages. Two people come to mind here: One stood up for Women’s Rights and the other stood up for Racism. However, in today’s day and age I feel that we are regressing back to these eras where women have no rights and that men are taught to “steer clear of a woman”.
    Here’s the thing I don’t get.. When you’re married it comes with all the benefits yet when I walk in the street, I see the husband walking and the wife 10 feet behind him. What the fuck is that? A guy should be proud to walk with his wife hand in hand, arm in arm and not be ashamed of doing that but are so called”rabbis” have instilled in us that this is bad because the Torah (Bible)  says so. Actually, no it doesn’t at least not to my knowledge. If a woman wants to go to shul (Temple) to pray why the hell does she have to go around the corner to enter the building while the guy can go right in?  If I go to a concert why am I forbidden to sit with my wife? Why do we have to separate? Is this not a form of racism? Is it not the right of a women to do as she pleases? If this was a Muslim country I would not question any of this because over there it’s expected and known but here in America where women are doing things that would have been unheard of several years ago, well our communities are undoing that as fast as they can with the reasoning of “it’s not proper” okay fine I’ll give you that one but what’s not proper about it once you’re married?
   So I stress again.. Why are women being turned away from this event?
Admission Fee
I want to quote this: Why is the Internet Asifa at Citifield for Men Only?  The writer of this piece makes some valid points here. Just to show you how my point above is valid: They are charging the magnificent sum of $10 for the pleasure of attending the prayers preceding the rally. Problem: Only 50% are allowed to go. The other 50%? Yup, women. They are NOT allowed to come. The protest yes but this not. Why? If this so called “problem” is affecting the entire Jewish population then why are we excluding them? As I said above, women’s rights are non existent and this just proves my theory. This is  unacceptable. If the threat of the Internet is so great, as the Ichud HaKehilos claims, how in the world can they make the marquee event for awareness and education about the Internet exclusively for men?! Are women not susceptible to the harms of the Internet? Should mothers of our children not be educated about the dangers of the Internet?
   As I said on Facebook, this event is a joke. First off, how come this isn’t being publicized? Where’s the press release?  Second: Are so called “rabbis” will keep playing the brainwashing game and people will be stupid enough to fall for it. You can admit all you want that it’s not true but there are people out there who are smarter then that. Everything is a facade. The rally is called Internet is NOT the problem and this is true. So why is it called that? Simple… The real culprits are hiding the truth because they are worried how it’ll affect their children for a marriage partner or a job or something else? Seriously? Are we all fucking retarded or just to stupid to realize it? Think about this for a second: If you are worried about this then why do it in the first place? Why do rabbis/teachers feel the need to molest little boys? Why do they feel like it’s okay to be abusive to their wives? Isn’t their a double standard here? They can do what they want but if we do it we’ve just committed a grave sin?

I honestly cannot fathom how the Ichud HaKehilos can say on the one hand that the Internet is so dangerous and then on the other hand exclude the mothers who are home with their children more than their fathers and the teenage girls who are just as present online as teenage boys. If anything, the girls have more access to computers and Internet than boys in yeshiva

The writer has a point. Not only is it wrong to basically tell the women to “fuck off” because you don’t belong here but this is also pretty hypocritical. The way I see it the rabbis themselves are the problem. Here they preach the  gemerah, the torah, what’s right and wrong but they themselves do what they tell others not to. These are the people we look up to? These are the people we’re supposed to emulate? Very well then. I’m going to go home tonight and “smack my bitch up” and once she’s asleep, I’m going to invite my neighbor’s little boy over and molest him then deny the whole thing when asked about it because I did nothing wrong and I want my son/daughter to marry and this is all okay because my rabbi/leader of the community told me it’s okay to do this.

Again, I don’t think anyone needs to go to this Asifa. But for the Ichud HaKehilos who feels that this is the most important issue of our time, there is absolutely no excuse for limiting attendance to men only.

Well, it’s just not this really. This is a daily and universal occurrence. I don’t understand who decided that the men were the judge ,jury and executioner among the rest of the communities. Look, it’s a free country so if I want to walk the street half naked or hold a girl’s hand or live in the secular world that’s my right as an individual. You have no right to tell me what’s forbidden and what’s not. That’s the job of a parent not the other way around. That’s why we have a G-D. If I want to be part of a collective I’ll become a BORG ….

This is just further evidence to me that the project is flawed, lacks leadership and vision, and is very hard to fully endorse.

I agree 100% . Get your ass out from behind you and see the big picture. Can’t have a rally when half the people involved are hypocrites themselves.

So charging for an event that only half can go to is just stupid. Women can pray just as well as men and sometimes better. Don’t see how this is really helping. Could make it worse…. I believe the  advertising  is misleading when it says come and pray for the solution to the problem. So excluding the other half is solving the problem? Why are women a problem? If I didn’t know any better I’d say this sounds a bit like Nazi Germany.

Propaganda and lies. That’s the world we live in when you are an orthodox Jew. Yes, be angry at me. Tell me I’m a self hating Jew. Tell me I’m an Am Harretz. Tell me I’m wrong . Tell me whatever you want but know this: The truth hurts. We blame it on others because we either can’t deal with it ourselves or don’t want to. Yes, it’s easy to blame others but doesn’t that just make things worse?

There’s a good reason why people are leaving the communities and/or no longer a practicing Jew. Well, there are many reasons but it’s impossible to list them all here so here are a few:



I understand there’s something called a tight knit community where we stick together and that’s commendable. What I don’t understand is why there are so many restrictions put upon people. I don’t know if it’s put more on women then men but I do know that a lot of these restrictions are out of control. For instance:
 Really? I must? Says who? On what planet is this a rule? If this is the case then I guess I’m to old to do anything anymore. By my calculation I’ve reasoned that I’m still in high school but shortly after graduation I must marry, regardless if I want to or not, and then make my wife pregnant immediately so she can have it by 18/19 years of age while me the husband sits and learns all day. Well, Rabbi Joe thank you for running my life for me. I’m just confused here Rabbi Joe. Are you my parents? Are they dead? Isn’t it their job to decide when I’m ready for marriage? Oh, wait I forgot that’s what they were taught that whatever the head of the community says goes. I’m sorry. I forgot the rules.
Side Note: I would never let my child marry at such a young age especially since I would want him/her to get a college education. Which brings me to:
 Really? Getting an education isn’t important? Again, I ask. Are you leaders stupid, retarded or just plain ignorant. So we’re not allowed to have an education. Yippee. Now it all makes sense why our rabbis tell us what to do. WE’RE ALL STUPID. Well, by golly why didn’t I realize that. Cause I never went to school. No, wait I did go but all I learned was Jewish studies. I can’t write, spell, read man what the hell is 2+2? What’s evolution about? What’s sex? I’m so stupid I may never know.
  Yes, I know that paragraph may seem idiotic and that’s my point. Orthodox schools refuse to have secular studies because apparently it “poisons the mind” however the flaw in this is that NY State Law requires just that in order to get funding so the schools really have no choice but the loophole is that it’s not English studies as we know it. In fact, when it comes time for the regents, a lot of the answers are given to the students (Evolution and Reproductive) so cheating the state is okay but … yup there’s a double standard of hypocrisy here. Frauding the government seems to be okay here.
   No, it’s not. There are families that need it more then you do and it’s because of you that others can’t get it.
 Learning 24/7 isn’t for everyone and, let’s face it, the way the economy is today you can’t afford not to work. Also, how will I support my 13 kids?
This really pisses me off big time. It makes me ashamed to be a Jew sometimes. Seriously. And I point to no other then:
And here’s where I have fun: Israel. The Promised Land. G-d’s gift to us. Our home. It is stated in the Torah. However, these bozos think otherwise. Granted, they live there and everything but they still don’t believe in the Jewish State as it is now because and I quote: “THE CURRENT GOVERNMENT IS FILLED WITH ANTI SEMITIC PEOPLE WHO ARE JUST LEFTOVERS FROM HITLER AND WANT NOTHING MORE TO RID THE STATE OF ORTHODOX JEWS.” Okay… I’m pretty sure that’s not true and I’m pretty sure that it would be illegal, immoral and unethical to even do something like that. Having said that, I want to know the following:
Why is okay to spit on an 8 year old girl because you don’t like how she dresses?
Well, who the fuck are you to determine that.. She’s 8 years old… You’ve scarred her for life. Emotionally and Mentally. Forget the fact that it’s a Chilul Hashem for a moment and just think how you would feel if that 8 year old child was yours?
Second: The buses.. Segregated buses? Really? Dude if you don’t want to sit next to a women that’s fine but the bus company isn’t yours to do with as you see fit. You want to go only through Jewish neighbors okay great I’m all for it but if you want to start your very own bus line because contrary to what you think your not the only one living there and your not G-D’s gift to humanity. Far from it.
By the way, this problem is here as well. I myself deliberately sat on the wrong side of the bus to make a statement (and to piss people off) but again, I’m not going into the specifics as to why.
I can go on and on and on about this topic but there’s just so much so I will just say this: The rally, while a good idea in theory may not solve anything. In fact, it might make the situation worse. I fear that this whole thing will do more harm then good. Sadly, there’s only a few of us that realize this but what can we do? I’m alone in thinking that this protest/rally is more propaganda and lies and hate mongering but that’s the world we live in. Brainwashing to the extreme and many who want to stop it are powerless to.
 But I wonder what would happen if we did stand up to those in “power”. What would happen if we didn’t hide from the truth? What would happen if instead of us being mindless zombies we actually thought for ourselves? The truth is we can’t because we know the repercussions and we know the outcome. But it’s our job to live our lives as we see fit and to protect those that we love from falling into the “trap”.
 It’s shameful that there’s so much hatred in this world and most of it comes from us but one day with God’s help we can stand up and say to our fellow brothers and sisters: “No More”.

4 thoughts on “The Problems Within The Jewish World

  1. This they have not included Chabad and labeled them “Not part of Klal Yisroel” leads me to believe that this whole event is a farce and a money maker for someone. Why don’t you teach your disciples to do the correct thing, and what’s right and wrong and use the internet for positive things. Unfortunately, the rabbonim that you call gedolei hador don’t know their ass from their elbow.

    You want to save the next generation… I believe they need to concentrate on what the Torah talks about first… ואהבת לרעך כמוך, אני יהוה, לא תרצח (האבן-עזרא אומר כי האיסור לרצוח הוא ביד או בלשון), מדבר שׁקר תרחק, לא תלך רכיל, אל תדין את חברך את שׁתגיא למקומו, לא תעמד על דם רעך, לא תשנא את אחיך בלבבך, הוכח תוכיח את עמיתך ולא תשא עליו חטא, and “DON’T THROW INNOCENT KIDS OUT OF YESHIVA”.

    What a screwed up phenomenon. Why don’t you just do what the torah “Really” wants you to do and finished.

    I might as well continue since I believe I have an audience.
    We are so busy with garbage and forgot the main course. We loshon hora, hurt people, bad mouth people, insult people, disrespect people, ugly family feuds, rebbe’s feuds, sinas chinum, and more. We then fast in Tamuz for the chorben bais hamikdash, we don’t listen to music, we don’t shave, we don’t shower, we fast again… all because the bais hamikdash was destroyed for sinas chinom, all the while we still fight with each other and the sinas chinum continues.

    Then Elul shows up… We run early mornings to Shul for a week or so for S’lichos. Then we have Rosh Hashanah… we run to the fish, then we spin a poor innocent chicken and kill it for “our” sins (we spin it, get it all dizzy before killing him/her, and the smart ones drop a load on us), then we walk around on Yom Kippur with bad breath all day, we then spend a fortune on a freaking fruit, we then sit outdoors in a Sukkah while it rains and spoils the food, then we smack again some poor leaves on the floor… but the loshon hora, rechilas, lies, sinas chinom continues… and bein odam l’chaveiroi is not even forgiven.

    …But there is a solution. Let’s round some 50,000 kelbelech into Citi-field and blame it all on the internet… all the while someone is making a fortune of a new search engine with filters. Idiots. Morons.

    Did you make sure to have “Ershte oiven matzhos, H’gulas keilim and Shaimois L’gnizah” with a moireh horouh oifen platz, Mehadrin L’mehadrin, while spreading vicious lies and attempting to destroy someone’s morale just to prove a point? As long as you don’t make Kiddush between six and seven… we stand in a perfect spot!!!

    Soooooo screwed up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ואהבת לרעך כמוך, אני יהוה. דרך ארץ קדמה לתורה!!!!!

  2. I don’t understand your comments. I’m not the enemy here. If you noticed, I’m against this whole thing.

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