Fleet Week

This post is dedicated to our troops


Last week, at the last minute, a friend asked if I wanted to meet up and I said yes. But on my way into the city said friend said that they won’t be ready till 8 which wasn’t a problem because I can always keep busy and find something to do. Figured with my iPAD on me I could sit in Starbucks but then I saw something interesting at one of my favorite theaters (AMC Empire 25). You see I thought we were meeting up for a movie so I walked in there to check out the times and maybe buy tickets (The Avengers of which I have yet to see.) While there, something unusual at this theater was going on. Men in black clothes were wandering and standing around. These people seemed like people you didn’t want to mess with but you probably wouldn’t want to anyway seeing as cops were standing watch as well. The building wasn’t evacuated so it couldn’t be anything serious and because my mind likes to wander and because I’m a curious little fella, I started trying to figure out was going on and then it hit me when I saw this:

You Never Saw Us And We’re None Existent.

Of course the reasoning behind this could be that the movie opens on Fri and they happen to be getting it. So this would make sense but then I see this:

I got two different color tickets what do I do?

But what if I’m colorblind?

So  now it makes sense either this is a premiere or some studio screening for members of the press and members of the guild and academy. That is until I saw the barricades going up with the yellow police tape and once I saw a Baldwin walking by and heading inside, I realized that this was a premiere for the movie so I’m thinking I’ll get to meet the Fresh Prince and cast if I stand there long enough which was more likely when my friend texted me and said another half hour. Fine by me I text back. But here’s the thing . If this is a premiere shouldn’t the place be locked down and maybe have the theater closed to the public? Besides that, if this is a premiere, shouldn’t TV cameras and entertainment journalists be lurking about and wouldn’t the road be closed with red carpet rolling down the street? So by process of elimination I knew this wasn’t a premiere but rather something else but what that was exactly I didn’t know until I asked a cop standing next to me. In the meantime, I was having fun with my friend telling them who was “arriving” and then I mentioned one particular celebrity whereupon I was told to get said picture of them. I texted that this is what happens when you miss out..

As it turned out, the MIB premiere was taking place but a few blocks down at another theater. What was really going on here and what I had forgotten until this moment that this was the start of Fleet week and these screenings were for the troops. Sailors and all. Of course why all the security was needed I don’t know but it felt a bit misleading. But you know what, after all is said and done, SONY did right by this. In a way I guess it’s their way of saying thank you to the troops for all they do for us. It is a nice gesture and commendable but I’m not sure the theater should have advertised the pic you see if it technically wasn’t a public screening.

I have yet to see the movie (Avengers first) but I really hope the men and women of the Navy enjoyed it because with what they are doing here and abroad, they deserve to have a fun night at the movies and having said that, after I started making my way towards my friend, I intercepted some troops and chatted with them for a bit but by the time I said goodbye to them I thanked them for their service and how I appreciate what they do and I saw the smile they made and that just made my night. It felt good to show them that we care because if not for them, we wouldn’t have a country to live in.

I have never been to Fleet Week but I hope to go one of these days. It’s really nice that here in NYC, the ships come in and dock next to the Intrepid because in my opinion, she served our country well for many years so Fleet Week may be for welcoming our troops and their ships but it’s also honoring the USS Intrepid for her years of serving with pride and honor and letting the world know that history is one that is remembered for all time and that we are a civilized country that honor all who served. Past, present and future. And for some, this is the first time they are in NY and when they see Lady Liberty they smile and know she’s the symbol of why we serve and that more then anything is what this country means. Land of the Free and Home of the Brave for Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow.

Godspeed and Good Luck.


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