A Community Shattered. A Community in Denial

A few days ago, there was a case regarding a Hasidic Jew who was accused of sexually molesting a girl who at the time, was 12 years old. This guy it seems was the guidance counselor at the school she had been attending but as it turns out, he wasn’t licensed to be one. This girl who is now 18 came forth awhile back with accusations of her being molested by said guy. As soon as this happened the Stamar community was in an uproar claiming “It’s not true.” “The girl is crazy.” The mother has mental issues.”. Among other things. See, this community is very tight nit but the problem is that it’s a community where the women are treated as outcasts and the Men are treated like heroes. As a Jew myself, I find this disgusting and wrong. People say that this is a community that is misunderstood and seen in a wrong light. I don’t think so. In fact, I think we all understand perfectly. Here’s where I make valid points as to why I think this:

      For some reason, many Orthodox Jews live behind a facade. This is no way to live and it’s basically taking a cowards way out. When you live behind a facade you are only fooling yourself and those around you. Not everyone is stupid. Eventually the truth comes out  and there’s only so far you can go to deny whatever it is you are trying to hide before it all comes crumbling down. Why be a coward? I don’t understand why people are afraid to speak up.. What are they afraid of? I understand that a Jew is supposed to stand up for a fellow Jew but not when Jew is putting another one in danger(Emotionally). I won’t quote scripture here but back then, if harm was bought to a fellow Jew they would be brought before the court (Jewish Court) and based on the ruling they would be punished accordingly. Not so today. Today the whole process is a joke.

So fast forward to a few months later. A court date’s been set and now his “friends” come together to try to do what they can to get rid of that date. Okay, fine but that’s not the bad part. No, what is the most disturbing part of this is that they are glorifying him with a rally of support while condemning an innocent young girl who may be another one that has been scarred for life. What’s more disgusting is the fact that they take this time to do publicly humiliate the victim and her mother by calling them names, saying the mother has mental issues, the girl isn’t quite normal, etc, etc…. This is how righteous people act? This is how we conduct ourselves? Who are to judge others? If this is how we act, no wonder there’s so much Anti  antisemitism  We’re no better then a drug dealer or a killer or a thief.

Another point: Why does the community continue to deny these things? Actually, no, scratch that. Why do they not want to acknowledge that this is a problem? If you recall, I had mentioned on an earlier post how Citi Field  had been rented out (along with Arthur Ashe Stadium) for a convention regarding the problems of the internet and how it destroys lives. I had said back then, as I do now, that it was nothing but a joke and a waste of time. Today, like before, I still say that the internet isn’t the problem. The problem is what is going on behind closed doors in these tight nit communities. This IS the real problem and one that the rabbis and the community as a whole dare not discuss as they instruct others not to either. But why? Have they ever wondered why people leave the community and are no longer religious? Look, people can deny this all they want but the fact of the matter is is that Satmar is nothing but a cult.

So anyway, they had the case and the victim testified for 3 long days (she had courage that’s for sure) and while I don’t know what was said I can bet you that she went into graphic details about what happened. She was 12 at the time yes but you don’t forget something like this. When the Judge announced the verdict, (guilty on all 60 counts) pandemonium broke out. His supporters cried: “Anti Semetisim” and “Jury smeared the truth” and “We don’t believe in a secular court” This went on and on. What his “supporters” fail to realize is that the Jury also took into a count the fact that he was unlicensed which is considered a crime.

The aftermath of this is saying that they (his supporters) will do whatever they can to keep him out of jail because according to one:  “The Torah does not allow this”  But it it allows guys to treat their women like shit? It allows them to molest little innocent boys and girls? It allows them to do whatever they want? Isn’t t here a double standered here somewhere? I went to school. I learned Talmud just like everyone else and when a crime was committed  you got lashes or stoned or condemned. But what I also learned and just as important is to treat others as you would want to be treated which means: TREAT A WOMEN AS IF SHE’S YOUR EQUAL For G-D said that he created them because man cannot survive without them. Without women we wouldn’t have a family to raise.

Final Thought: When asked by the media how they would solve this problem they proposed sending “these people” to another land to “fix them” which what they are saying is: There’s no problems and the secular world should not spread rumors and lies about us and it’s nothing but propaganda. Well, look who’s calling the kettle black…

There is one happy note to this: Because of this victim, other girls have started to come forth. YAY!! Charles Hynes has also now gone on record saying that he will start cracking down because”The wall has been broken” The community just laughed it off but guess what: The joke’s on you guys because this has been a long time coming and you will all get what you deserve.

Oh and when one crusader tries to out those that are pedophiles and you throw bleach at him for doing so,well,you deserve what you get and I hope that person rots in hell.




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