The Truth Hurts (Or The Aftermath Of Trying To Help Others)

In my last post I wrote how about some promoters are dishonest and will do anything to attract a crowd to the place they are promoting. I don’t regret what I did and in fact, I had people thanking me for standing up to these bullies. At the same time, I made a very bad judgement call  that would have done irreparable damage to an individual.  It seems that someone  posted a link to an article where it said that one of the guests at the hotel was a convicted child molester. Going on that, I then made it public trying to warn people who might go with kids or something. At the time, I thought I was doing the right thing and again, people thanked me for it.

 However, a few hours later, I was informed that what I thought was true was in fact not and in fact it was for a different crime altogether. I had to fix whatever damage I may have inadvertently caused. So I did what I felt was the right thing to do. I retracted my post and issued a public apology. Not only that, I privately messaged the manager of the place to apologize as well. I did have to delete the first one because I forgot to name the person and said crime. I reposted and within 24 hours, the manager decided to once again email me all pissed. 

Let me quote my statement:

Dear Friends,

I made a really bad judgement the other day in a post that I made. I never should have posted anything about Mr. Streicher being a child molester without double checking on facts and information. What I posted was based on incorrect information which I thought was accurate at the time. Though I can’t take back what I said, and though the damage may have been done, I am owning up to it. I feel bad and ashamed and I would never wish it upon anyone. I apologize from the bottom of my heart and to the Mr. Streicher who I may have inadvertently caused harm to and I wish him nothing but the best until 120.

That’s the apology which apparently didn’t sit well with the manager who deemed it neccessary to email me again with the following: 

Is there someone who can help you here? You are getting yourself into more and more trouble, and need counseling on how to proceed. In your first two posts about molestation, you did not mention (Took out person’s name)  by name, then in your second version of an apology you actually mentioned him by name. The District Attorneys office suggested I contact you before lodging an Aggravated Harrassment complaint. (PL 240.30), but i am assuming that I am better of speaking to any counselor (legal or psychological) or friend of yours because you must not know what you are doing.

Clearly this guy has issues. First off, this is unprofessional of any business and unethical as well. It took guts  to do what I did and not one that many would do. Did I mention that he wants to sue me for speaking the truth? Last I checked I was within my legal rights to post whatever I wanted. So as long as I’m not abusing my Freedom of Speech on what grounds can he sue me especially since all the negativity is public knowledge?

If he sees this is he going to accuse me of “defamation of character?” 

This makes him look bad not me because eventually people see you for who you really are. Bullies show their true colors. When you do what he’s doing it is because you are desperate and losing money. Doesn’t give you a right to use scare tactics. He claims he’s a lawyer which I don’t buy because if he was then he’d know the laws..  I asked him to stop contacting me and to leave me alone. Let’s see how long this sticks.

  If I really wanted to be a jerk, I could make the summons public which turned out to be a hoax because last I checked you can’t serve someone through email especially when they use a name of yours that’s not even legal.  

Apologizing took guts. I did it and I feel really good about it and again, people are applauding me for it. 

I don’t know what will happen next but I am not worried and as long as I have people on my side I should be okay.


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