Trying To Cover Up The Truth By Blaming Others.

In my last post I had written about how the manager of the venue was threatening me with a lawsuit and saying I needed to seek help. Well, not long after that post I did indeed get handed a lawsuit with I believe is frivolous and insane and here’s why:

First off, he filed using my nickname which isn’t even recognized in the state of NY. He also made me the defendant’s place of business (the place suing me). He then decided to sue me in the amount of 1.5 million with interest. $1 million in punitive damages and another $ 4,400 in compensatory damages. He then added on a page demanding to know why he shouldn’t get a restraining order against me. So my question is this: What the hell did I do? Since when is it a crime to post links on the internet to your Facebook wall? What damages, if any, have I caused?

If he gets wind of this blog is he gonna sue me for taking it public? The manager needs a scapegoat so he’s using me to look like the hero in all of this. Why? Because he’s desperate. He knows no one is coming to the “hotel” and knows what I did will maybe keep people away but when a place is public knowledge there really is nothing you can do. He claims he’s suing me because of links I posted from Trip Adviser(which apparently he claims he’s suing as well) which has the reviews to his venue.

Basically what it comes down to is this: Anything you want to know about the place is public knowledge. There’s nothing he can deny (well, he can try). In fact, I did some looking into and it seems that they have 2 strikes with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) regarding their sales and advertising which isn’t really surprising (see my earlier post) plus according to the State Health Dept, they boarded up several sections condemning it till they get the proper repairs .  Of course, the manager doesn’t give a shit so it’ll remain closed.

The second thing is about what I said about the molester (see my last post). I retracted, publicly apologized and then privately emailed him and did the same. Therefore, he feels that by slandering him, I’ve hurt his feelings and his business. I say not true because his business reputation has been ruined for years. He just needed a scapegoat and he found one.

I’ve committed no crime. For that matter, he can’t sue Trip Adviser either. On what grounds can he do so? Last I checked, it was perfectly legal for people to leave feedback on places they stay. If I didn’t know any better I’d say he’s just afraid of getting caught with whatever it is he’s trying to cover up.

I have had bad experiences at the venue and so have others that have been there alongside me and if it’s one thing I learned throughout this whole thing is that all you need is one person to speak up for others to hear because when you do that, others may come forward and that’s all it takes because one person can make a difference.



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