This past weekend, I decided I wanted to try something different and attempt to meet new people. I went with a few friends. Early on it was okay in fact, I liked the fact that it was outdoors because the weather was really nice and the night was just beautiful. The food was good the atmosphere was okay and the speaker (from what I heard) was okay as well. I met a few interesting people but none I’d ever want to hang out with. We were there for most of the night and all was good…. Until the end.

I was enjoying the party but I was also observing my surroundings and realized that the girls were on their best behavior. The guys…. Not so much and by that I mean they were rowdy. In fact one guy decided to go in the pool with a bottle of vodka and spill some of it into the water hoping girls would join in for a swim. I’ve never seen anyone ever do this and I’m glad I didn’t decide to go for a dip (even though my friend said I should)

Anyway, so I had some drinks and had a few conversations. Towards the end of the night, my friend gave me her cup and asked me to get her something to drink which I did and while I was doing that, a commotion started brewing and at the time, I had no clue what was going on but it seems that the cops were called by neighbors complaining of rowdiness and noise which didn’t surprise me because many of the guys were being jerks. Suffice it to say, they ended the party early and we all had to leave,.

Which brings me to my friend. I couldn’t find her. I had her cup with a drink in it but she was nowhere to be found. After the commotion had died down,I found her on the porch (was it a deck?) with a some guy smoking some hooka. Fun right? Well, then it got scary when she just put her head down and “froze”. Tried waking her up as we needed to walk to the car but she was stiff as a dead corpse. So my friends and I gently “carried” her to the car.

To make a long story short and to avoid getting into details, I was really, really scared when she didn’t respond and everyone in the car saw me at my worst and it’s not something I’ll want to remember anytime soon. But the lesson I learned and the point of this story is to just go to parties where you know the crowd and trust the people there because it is usually safe at those. One idiot can ruin it for everyone else and when you go to an event where you don’t know anyone or someone looks suspicious and/or the person/s running the events aren’t supervising, dangerous things can happen. I hoped never to experience something like that but I did and I hope I never ever have to again. 

She’s doing fine by the way as am I but it was a scary situation, Parties are great and all but when you have guys who try to take advantage of certain situations there’s a problem. Creeps need to stay away and if they can’t then I pray for all the innocent girls that meet them at said parties.



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