The Rogue One (Star Wars) Trailer

HERE IT IS. What we’ve all been waiting for. The newly released trailer that debuted during the Olympics. While we only got to see the back of his head, I have no doubt that Vader will be featured fully in the 2nd trailer that will be released closer to December. And yes, James Earl Jones “returns” to voice the guy.

So what do you think? Thoughts?

Rogue One Trailer (A Star Wars Story)

Star Wars




My Suicide Squad Review

 When the first trailer for this was released the anticipation for this movie was at an high. Even more when Jared Leto was cast as Mr. J. It’s one of the lesser known comics (heck, i never even heard of it) but the premise was a good one. Take a bunch of bad guys do do your dirty work with the chance that you will die. What can go wrong with that? Well, everything as it turns out. 

After the disaster that was BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE, the brass at WB didn’t take any chances with SS. SUICIDE SQUAD was designed to be a dark film with a R rating (something David Ayers is known for) however, WB brass was so nervous after  BVS failure that they took no chances and sadly this shows throughout.

This whole movie is a mess from start to finish. The “origin” stories are rushed as is Batman .(Yes, it’s Ben Affleck and yes it’s a Cameo). It’s as if the writer couldn’t even bother for the people who are unfamiliar. There was more to the Harley Quinn origin that ended up on cutting room floor.  Speaking of cameos, there’s a blink and you miss it one of FLASH (which for some reason is making an appearance and again, has nothing to do with the story).

 Now, everyone was making a big deal about Leto’s Joker and how he would portray him. I have a question? Why is Joker even in this movie? What purpose does he serve? He gets 20 minutes of screen time if that. It was a waste of a character that had nothing to do with the story. Seriously, the majority of his scenes are with Harley and we don’t know what his motivation is. 

Speaking of which, every one of these characters are under developed. Who’s Rick Flagg? Why was he assigned the Squad? What’s his backstory? Why should I care about him? Who is the Squad? Seriously, every single one of these characters are not very well developed. We know nothing about them and frankly, I didn’t care if they lived or died. Heck, even Will Smith was stiff here.

  The script (or lack thereof) made no sense. The story was just all over the place. Even the villain (If you can call it that) was a mess not to mention cliched.This is the same type of villain we’ve seen in the past. You know the “humanity must be enslaved or destroyed because of what they’ve done.” But what exactly have they done to ENCHANTRESS? We are never told.. She(along with her brother) just wants revenge for something that happened thousands of years ago. 

I really wanted to like this movie and I tried but there’s just way to many plot holes. This is a good example of “two many hands in the kitchen” where you take the director/writer’s vision and want changes because you are scared and that may have led to this mess. WB brass wanted reshoots to supposedly “inject more humor” (May or may not be true. No one’s saying) but man oh man this is one big mess. Story wise, it makes no sense. The villain (If you can call her that) is such a waste as is Katana (Who for some reason never bothered to learn English and again, a character who isn’t developed). 

 You know this movie is bad when as you are leaving you over hear this conversation: “This makes me NOT want to see JUSTICE LEAGUE.”  ” Yes, well I can say the same for WONDER WOMAN.” And  if this is how Justice League will turn out then WB has a serious problem. Someone from Marvel should give a class to them on how to make comic book movies because when you have two highly anticipated movies that bomb, there’s a serious problem.

In a way, I feel bad for David Ayer because what he wanted to make most likely got vetoed and this is what happens when executives care more about the money then making the fanboys happy. It’s also what caused both parties to fight and create bad blood between the two.

Watching Suicide Squad made me wanna join the squad just so I could commit suicide to escape this wretched mess. A mess I give a 3 out of 10.




Fleet Week

This post is dedicated to our troops


Last week, at the last minute, a friend asked if I wanted to meet up and I said yes. But on my way into the city said friend said that they won’t be ready till 8 which wasn’t a problem because I can always keep busy and find something to do. Figured with my iPAD on me I could sit in Starbucks but then I saw something interesting at one of my favorite theaters (AMC Empire 25). You see I thought we were meeting up for a movie so I walked in there to check out the times and maybe buy tickets (The Avengers of which I have yet to see.) While there, something unusual at this theater was going on. Men in black clothes were wandering and standing around. These people seemed like people you didn’t want to mess with but you probably wouldn’t want to anyway seeing as cops were standing watch as well. The building wasn’t evacuated so it couldn’t be anything serious and because my mind likes to wander and because I’m a curious little fella, I started trying to figure out was going on and then it hit me when I saw this:

You Never Saw Us And We’re None Existent.

Of course the reasoning behind this could be that the movie opens on Fri and they happen to be getting it. So this would make sense but then I see this:

I got two different color tickets what do I do?

But what if I’m colorblind?

So  now it makes sense either this is a premiere or some studio screening for members of the press and members of the guild and academy. That is until I saw the barricades going up with the yellow police tape and once I saw a Baldwin walking by and heading inside, I realized that this was a premiere for the movie so I’m thinking I’ll get to meet the Fresh Prince and cast if I stand there long enough which was more likely when my friend texted me and said another half hour. Fine by me I text back. But here’s the thing . If this is a premiere shouldn’t the place be locked down and maybe have the theater closed to the public? Besides that, if this is a premiere, shouldn’t TV cameras and entertainment journalists be lurking about and wouldn’t the road be closed with red carpet rolling down the street? So by process of elimination I knew this wasn’t a premiere but rather something else but what that was exactly I didn’t know until I asked a cop standing next to me. In the meantime, I was having fun with my friend telling them who was “arriving” and then I mentioned one particular celebrity whereupon I was told to get said picture of them. I texted that this is what happens when you miss out..

As it turned out, the MIB premiere was taking place but a few blocks down at another theater. What was really going on here and what I had forgotten until this moment that this was the start of Fleet week and these screenings were for the troops. Sailors and all. Of course why all the security was needed I don’t know but it felt a bit misleading. But you know what, after all is said and done, SONY did right by this. In a way I guess it’s their way of saying thank you to the troops for all they do for us. It is a nice gesture and commendable but I’m not sure the theater should have advertised the pic you see if it technically wasn’t a public screening.

I have yet to see the movie (Avengers first) but I really hope the men and women of the Navy enjoyed it because with what they are doing here and abroad, they deserve to have a fun night at the movies and having said that, after I started making my way towards my friend, I intercepted some troops and chatted with them for a bit but by the time I said goodbye to them I thanked them for their service and how I appreciate what they do and I saw the smile they made and that just made my night. It felt good to show them that we care because if not for them, we wouldn’t have a country to live in.

I have never been to Fleet Week but I hope to go one of these days. It’s really nice that here in NYC, the ships come in and dock next to the Intrepid because in my opinion, she served our country well for many years so Fleet Week may be for welcoming our troops and their ships but it’s also honoring the USS Intrepid for her years of serving with pride and honor and letting the world know that history is one that is remembered for all time and that we are a civilized country that honor all who served. Past, present and future. And for some, this is the first time they are in NY and when they see Lady Liberty they smile and know she’s the symbol of why we serve and that more then anything is what this country means. Land of the Free and Home of the Brave for Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow.

Godspeed and Good Luck.

The Notebook And Chick Flicks

I get asked what my favorite movie is every now and  then and my response is always the same: I don’t have one. I mean as long as I’m entertained while watching it then I guess it’s my favorite but in truth I have a few. We all do but my tastes are very, very different then everyone else. Well, maybe they are the same as mine but they are ashamed to admit it but I am not as the title of this blog clearly states. Why should I be ashamed to admit what I like? What do I have to hide?

Well, in case you haven’t  yet figured it out, one of my favorite movies of all time is The Notebook which is based on the book by:  Nicholas Sparks, and one  of the most beautiful love stories ever made or written and in this case I can say that the movie is way better then the book. I have seen this movie more then I have seen any other. This is a definition of the “chick flick” and date movie. Granted, I saw this alone in a dark room in the privacy of my house but still. Anyway, I’m admitting to the world that yes I am a guy who enjoys a good chick flick every now and then. In fact, I have no shame in admitting that sometimes I cry at movies. Some guys may think that this makes you gay and I’m fine with that because if you are a real man then you have no problem showing a sensitive side to you. Some girls even love this in a guy.

But you may be wondering why am I sharing this with you? Well, because the truth is it got me to thinking about a few things… For instance: Is there such a thing as true love or love at first sight? Is it really possible to fall for someone really quickly? How about a long lost love? Do these things exist? I’m weird this way because these are things I like to ponder every now and then. I don’t know why but I find it a good social experiment when you think of these things when someone is lucky in love and you are not. (Not necessarily me just a general overall thing).

One of my favorite scenes in the movie is this: 

This scene actually has strong meanings if you really take the time to think. Not just for story wise but because this may or may not have happened to some of us. Here’s the way I see it. What makes this really romantic and meaningful is that Noah and Allie are out boating when it suddenly begins to pour. Ordinarily one would attempt to get indoors and wait it out but no the boat is brought to shore and Allie walks away upset from an incident that happened 7 years earlier. Noah explains how he never stopped loving her and that yes he did what he promised he would do and proclaims that their love isn’t yet over  and proceeds to kiss her. Now I understand that this is a movie and things like this don’t happen in real life and I’ll argue that by asking how do you know? I mean maybe somewhere out there it’s happened…. But I digress here. The point I’m making is that it is pouring rain out there and Noah and Allie are out there passionately kissing without a care in the world. It’s a scene that always gets to me because of what it says. In a way it speaks to all of us.

So this makes me wonder if there really is such a thing as that one true love? I’m sure Nicholas Sparks wrote this based on some sort of personal experience or something. And if there is that one true love, will we ever find it? How far do we have to go to search for it? The Notebook, in my opinion, asks that very question and tries to answer it. But I have another question: Is there one person that you really and truly love and want that person to know? or maybe you are scared to tell her because it’ll ruin what you may already have with him/her..

But aside from The Notebook, chick flicks, if done right can be something special because it’s something that couples can relate to. Having said that, and in my honesty I can say that I have seen many chick flicks and The Notebook is just something I keep coming back to. Which I guess explains why I am writing this. I think as time went on I grew up and matured and through my own life experiences, I realize that this particular film is something  that I cherish because it makes me want to continue searching for that special person that I’d want to grow old with. I don’t think I can be like Noah but I can treat her right .

And people watching this movie will get different meanings and messages from this movie and that’s okay because I think that was the point. But for me, the message that I took away from this was: No matter what happens. No matter the obstacles. True Love will always find it’s way back to you no matter the situation or consequence because sometimes all we care about is that one person that makes us complete.

One last thing: Movies like this usually have happy endings but this one sorta does and doesn’t. It’s got a happy sad ending. I think it’s the only movie to have the saddest happy ending ever. 

Which just shows that at the end of the day, True Love  absolutely never dies. 🙂

The Most Anticipated Films Of 2011

As we near the hotly-anticipated start of 2011,  Fandango decided to put out a call to filmgoers to see what (and who) they were most looking forward to in the New Year.  Fandango has revealed the results of some of  their most talked-about polls: The Most Anticipated Blockbuster of 2011, The Next Big American Movie Star in 2011 and Most Mismatched Movie Couple in 2011.

Let’s begin with the blockbusters, where both Harry Potter and The Twilight Saga were put head to head, revealing that both men and women are anticipating Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 the most out of all other movies arriving in theaters in 2011. You won’t see Breaking Dawn, Part 1anyway near the men’s list (though it is number two on the women’s list), and, surprisingly, The Hangover 2 beat out other blockbusters like Transformers: Dark of the Moonand Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides on both lists. Perhaps the biggest surprise, however, is that neither Marvel movie (Thor or Captain America: The First Avenger) cracked the top five for men or women. Check out the full results below …
No surprise here.
I would think that this would be # 1 seeing as how the first one was a huge surprise hit.
Again, surprised at the low percentage. I’m looking forward to this and I think it should be # 1
Don’t really know much about this and from what I’ve seen I’m not so impressed. Just becasue it’s a great cast with a proven director doesn’t make a movie great.
Can Michael Bay make anything but loud obnoxious movies?
This doesn’t surprise me at all. Think of it like this: Harry Potter on steroids. However, I don’t see anything that would make girls go ga ga over Pattinson.
3.            THE HANGOVER 2 16%
Next up Fandango’s got  the most mismatched movie couple of 2011, a title that, for men, belongs to Seth Rogen and Cameron Diaz in The Green Hornet, and for women rests solely with Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston in Just Go With It. Other mismatched couples on the list includeKevin James and Winona Ryder (The Dilemma), Kevin James and Rosario Dawson(Zookeeper) and Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Connelly (The Dilemma). Geez, poor Kevin James – is a guy who’s large and in charge not allowed to date a pretty lady? Check out the full results below …
1.            Seth Rogen & Cameron Diaz (THE GREEN HORNET) 24%
Movie’s D.O.A.
2.            Adam Sandler & Jennifer Aniston (JUST GO WITH IT) 17%
Won’t be a hit but won’t be a flop only because of Sandler.
3.            Nicolas Cage & Amber Heard (DRIVE ANGRY) 13%
4.            Kevin James & Winona Ryder (THE DILEMMA) 12%
Could be good cause of Ron Howard. To early to say.
5.            Kevin James & Rosario Dawson (ZOOKEEPER) 12%
Again, to early to say but reminds me of Dr. Dolittle
1.            Adam Sandler & Jennifer Aniston (JUST GO WITH IT) 24%
2.            Seth Rogen & Cameron Diaz (THE GREEN HORNET) 22%
3.            Kevin James & Winona Ryder (THE DILEMMA) 13%
4.            Kevin James & Rosario Dawson (ZOOKEEPER) 12%
5.            Vince Vaughn & Jennifer Connelly (THE DILEMMA) 9%
Finally, Fandango’s got the results of The Next Big American Movie Star in 2011 polls. Both men and women were in agreement on this one, choosing Blake Lively (The Green Lantern) as their number one choice. Other notable additions: Justin Bieber (Never Say Never) made both lists (number four for men and two for women), while Jay Chou also scored a spot with both sexes. The similarities ended there, as the men chose all men, and the women made sure to get some of their own on the list, including January Jones (X-Men: First Class) and Lea Michele (New Year’s Eve). Check out the full results below.
1.            Blake Lively (Green Lantern)  17%
Not a proven movie star yet.
2.            Tom Hardy (Tailor, Tinker, Soldier, Spy) 9%
Was great in Inception. Has some sorta role in upcoming Bat Flick.# 1 in my book
3.            Chris Hemsworth  (Thor) 7%
Made his debut for only 10 minutes in Star Trek. Jury’s out on Thor. I’m taking a wait and see approach with him.
4.            Justin Bieber (Never Say Never) 7%
The less said about this person, the better.
5.            Jay Chou (The Green Hornet) 6%
1.            Blake Lively (Green Lantern) 19%
2.            Justin Bieber (Never Say Never) 12%
Girls swoon to him as if he’s a God I’m surprised he’s not # 1.
3.            January Jones (X-Men: First Class) 11%
4.            Lea Michele (New Year’s Eve) 6%
5.            Jay Chou (The Green Hornet) 6%
So, do you guys agree with these picks/polls? Who do you choose? What do you think?