The Religious Fanatics of Cults and Propaganda (Or: How Judasim is being destroyed)

On Sunday March 9, a massive protest was held in the middle of Wall Street to protest the IDF (Army) draft taking place 5,000 miles away. Now, you might ask: Why is something that’s happening in another country that doesn’t affect us being protested here? I don’t know but it’s a waste of taxpayers money and a waste of time. Now, I myself am a Jew and I will say that I didn’t go nor was I endorsing this in any way, shape or form. In fact, this isn’t the first time the Ultra-Orthodox pulled this stunt. What you have to understand is this: When things don’t go their way they throw fits of tantrums. They think that because of who they  are they are above the law.

Now, as I said I am a Jew. A religious one and by no means am I perfect but I do know the difference between right and wrong. I went to college. I was raised to have an open mind and be mindful of others. I grew up where it is okay to speak up and have open discussions of important matters no matter the outcome and this my friends is where the problem lies among  my people..

The Ultra-Orthodox grew up in a very closed society. They know little to nothing of the secular world. They don’t go to college (they are encouraged not to go) and 90% do not work. In fact, all they do is sit in a Yeshiva learning all day and night. In Israel, they are supported by the Government however, that’s about to change as they have warned the Yeshiva students that if  they do not join the Army then they will cut off all support to their yeshivas. Obviously this didn’t sit well with the Haradiem who started going crazy on them. But here is a question I propose to you: One of the commandments that G-D gave was: “Thou Shall Not Steal” so if this is true, why are the Haradiem continuously stealing from the Government? By this I mean they keep mooching off of them. So I have to wonder why this is okay but when the Government asks for something in return they need to go all crazy on them saying that the Government is interfering with their way of life? Seriously? This is our way of life? I must be in a different religion.

People are really stupid at times. How ignorant are these leaders of ours that they make suggestions and ideas without knowing a damn thing. Don’t they know that without the IDF there would be no Yeshivas?  Without the IDF we’d all be dead. Without the IDF we’d have no State to call our own. Do they also not know that by joining the army you are saving lives?

So the Government came up with a compromise: Serve the army or go to school and study secular courses. Of course this too was rejected. So next came: Serve the army or go to jail (Do Not Pass Go. Do Not Collect $200). The response: “We will gladly go to jail and proudly.”.  Okay, fair enough. That just proves your stupidity.

This is the same group of people that throw rocks at people on the Sabbath and teach their kids that it is okay to do so. This is also the same group of people who held a rally in protest of the internet (which ironically was streamed on the internet). This is also the same group who believes it is okay to molest children, distribute child pornography and then cover it up. This is also the same group of people who refuse to give their wives a GET (Jewish Divorce). This is the same group who decided that women have no rights. I can go one and on but you get the gist of what I am saying.

So the Ultra-Orthodox single handily make us look bad. Because of them, people hate us. Many people have left the religion because of the many restrictions imposed on us and sadly, many people believe all this stuff and fall prey to it. Especially the people who go through the conversions to be a religious Jew.

How come they blame everything on the internet when there’s much bigger problems facing our communities? Child Molestation? Blame the Internet. Sexual Abuse? Blame The Internet. The marriage Crisis? Yup, the internet again. So basically, the internet is why our religion is so messed up. Got it.  Like I said, these so called leaders of ours have no freakin clue. They look only at the negatives. The internet can be used for good as well. In fact, they went far enough to tell people to filter everything related to the internet. Phones, computers, tablets. As the title above says this all nothing but Propaganda brainwashing bullshit. They even have Kosher phones that does nothing but make calls. I believe this is what a “dummy” phone has been doing for years.

Now, I know people will read this and call me names like “Jew Hater“, “Anti Jewish”, “Nazi Lover” and I am okay with that and you know why? Because the truth hurts and people can’t handle it which in itself is another problem. No one wants to talk about it for some reason. What are people afraid of? Open dialogue is good. Be open and honest and think for yourself. Call me names if you must but what will that accomplish? People who defend Rapists, molesters or others are no better then they are. People don’t come forward because they are afraid of the consequences or as the “rabbis” say: It’ll hurt your children’s chances for marriage.  Come on this is bull and you know it…

In Williamsburgh, Brooklyn, the Ultra Orthodox community there think that they are Judge, Jury and Executioner of all who live or pass by there.  Really? So this means you have a right to put up signs all over telling women how to dress(even if they aren’t Jewish) or where to walk and when asked to take it down you answer if you don’t like it leave? When Nechmeia Weberman went to trial (he was convicted) the community kept on defending him and even went far by throwing him a party (Disgusting) and saying how a girl who was little at the time is making it up to be famous. Then they send in hooligans to try to obstruct the case (they were found guilty). One person even went far by throwing bleach all over someone’s face (Also found guilty).

Point:  This is NOT how we as  Jewish people are supposed to act. We are supposed to set an example for others. This is NOT how we should be raising our children. Sometimes, I am ashamed to be a Jew. We are our own worst enemy. So much hatred among our people that it’s no wonder no one likes us.

Once I publish this, there’s no going back. I know that I will get lots of flack for this. In fact, people will perceive this OP-ED as nothing but “Lies” and “Hatred” among other things. So be it. But I cannot remain silent when these things keep happening. I’m embarrassed and ashamed but I know that there are those out there who are thinking the same things as I am but can’t or won’t speak about it for whatever reason. But I can be their voice. Their crusader because I believe that when one voice speaks out repeatedly, people take notice and listen and while it may take time, I know with all my heart that there are people out there who feel your pain and respect and look up to you for speaking your mind.

IDF uniform colors

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Trying To Cover Up The Truth By Blaming Others.

In my last post I had written about how the manager of the venue was threatening me with a lawsuit and saying I needed to seek help. Well, not long after that post I did indeed get handed a lawsuit with I believe is frivolous and insane and here’s why:

First off, he filed using my nickname which isn’t even recognized in the state of NY. He also made me the defendant’s place of business (the place suing me). He then decided to sue me in the amount of 1.5 million with interest. $1 million in punitive damages and another $ 4,400 in compensatory damages. He then added on a page demanding to know why he shouldn’t get a restraining order against me. So my question is this: What the hell did I do? Since when is it a crime to post links on the internet to your Facebook wall? What damages, if any, have I caused?

If he gets wind of this blog is he gonna sue me for taking it public? The manager needs a scapegoat so he’s using me to look like the hero in all of this. Why? Because he’s desperate. He knows no one is coming to the “hotel” and knows what I did will maybe keep people away but when a place is public knowledge there really is nothing you can do. He claims he’s suing me because of links I posted from Trip Adviser(which apparently he claims he’s suing as well) which has the reviews to his venue.

Basically what it comes down to is this: Anything you want to know about the place is public knowledge. There’s nothing he can deny (well, he can try). In fact, I did some looking into and it seems that they have 2 strikes with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) regarding their sales and advertising which isn’t really surprising (see my earlier post) plus according to the State Health Dept, they boarded up several sections condemning it till they get the proper repairs .  Of course, the manager doesn’t give a shit so it’ll remain closed.

The second thing is about what I said about the molester (see my last post). I retracted, publicly apologized and then privately emailed him and did the same. Therefore, he feels that by slandering him, I’ve hurt his feelings and his business. I say not true because his business reputation has been ruined for years. He just needed a scapegoat and he found one.

I’ve committed no crime. For that matter, he can’t sue Trip Adviser either. On what grounds can he do so? Last I checked, it was perfectly legal for people to leave feedback on places they stay. If I didn’t know any better I’d say he’s just afraid of getting caught with whatever it is he’s trying to cover up.

I have had bad experiences at the venue and so have others that have been there alongside me and if it’s one thing I learned throughout this whole thing is that all you need is one person to speak up for others to hear because when you do that, others may come forward and that’s all it takes because one person can make a difference.


Saying Goodbye To An Institution

   Last night was bittersweet for many people. Myself included.  See, after 35 years of service, Shang Chai  one of the original (and maybe the first) kosher Chinese  restaurant, closed it’s doors for good at 11 PM EST. Knowing this, I decided, on a whim, to make this as an event for friends to have one last hurrah and say goodbye. It was bittersweet because most of us have fond memories of the place. Whether it was for a date, Sheva Brachos  (wedding celebration), birthday parties or just in general, this place had meaning for many. So last night, we took advantage  of this and to me this is the restaurant that will always hold a place in my heart and here’s why: 


They always had a smile on their faces and sometimes, they would take the time out to talk with you. In fact, I remember vividly the head waiter who always remembered things we spoke about the last time and he would always ask about it. He would always ask how we were and what we were up to. Sometimes he would give us a few things on the house. He knew my father well and from what I saw, they had established a rapport with each other. To my knowledge, I don’t recall a single restaurant that ever had a friendlier staff then them.


Service was also impeccable. Sure they were more expensive then others but the food was always good. Even if it wasn’t, people came because of the service. Why? Because Shang Chai was one of those rare “old school” places where they treated you like family. So much so in fact that many who came out last night had the opportunity  to say goodbye to the owner and you could tell that she appreciated all the sentiments. Never once did she show her emotions but no matter how busy she was last night she took the time to speak to anyone who came to say goodbye.

I’m not sure will ever have a restaurant like this one again and I’m okay with that because while restaurants come and go, memories are forever and I know that one of my friends told me how bittersweet it was for her (especially her parents) while another told me one about him and his daughter. We all have stories to tell about this place. And now we have a new one to tell and I’m glad  that I was able to have one last memory of the place with friends. So thank you guys (You know who you are) for coming out to say goodbye with me. As Bob Hope once said: Thanks For The Memories (Video Below) 

On a side note: I did take a souvenir. I will always have the menu to cherish.

My own memories: I shot this before we left the restaurant :  See Video Below

Do you have any memories of the place? If so, please feel free to share them.

A Community Shattered. A Community in Denial

A few days ago, there was a case regarding a Hasidic Jew who was accused of sexually molesting a girl who at the time, was 12 years old. This guy it seems was the guidance counselor at the school she had been attending but as it turns out, he wasn’t licensed to be one. This girl who is now 18 came forth awhile back with accusations of her being molested by said guy. As soon as this happened the Stamar community was in an uproar claiming “It’s not true.” “The girl is crazy.” The mother has mental issues.”. Among other things. See, this community is very tight nit but the problem is that it’s a community where the women are treated as outcasts and the Men are treated like heroes. As a Jew myself, I find this disgusting and wrong. People say that this is a community that is misunderstood and seen in a wrong light. I don’t think so. In fact, I think we all understand perfectly. Here’s where I make valid points as to why I think this:

      For some reason, many Orthodox Jews live behind a facade. This is no way to live and it’s basically taking a cowards way out. When you live behind a facade you are only fooling yourself and those around you. Not everyone is stupid. Eventually the truth comes out  and there’s only so far you can go to deny whatever it is you are trying to hide before it all comes crumbling down. Why be a coward? I don’t understand why people are afraid to speak up.. What are they afraid of? I understand that a Jew is supposed to stand up for a fellow Jew but not when Jew is putting another one in danger(Emotionally). I won’t quote scripture here but back then, if harm was bought to a fellow Jew they would be brought before the court (Jewish Court) and based on the ruling they would be punished accordingly. Not so today. Today the whole process is a joke.

So fast forward to a few months later. A court date’s been set and now his “friends” come together to try to do what they can to get rid of that date. Okay, fine but that’s not the bad part. No, what is the most disturbing part of this is that they are glorifying him with a rally of support while condemning an innocent young girl who may be another one that has been scarred for life. What’s more disgusting is the fact that they take this time to do publicly humiliate the victim and her mother by calling them names, saying the mother has mental issues, the girl isn’t quite normal, etc, etc…. This is how righteous people act? This is how we conduct ourselves? Who are to judge others? If this is how we act, no wonder there’s so much Anti  antisemitism  We’re no better then a drug dealer or a killer or a thief.

Another point: Why does the community continue to deny these things? Actually, no, scratch that. Why do they not want to acknowledge that this is a problem? If you recall, I had mentioned on an earlier post how Citi Field  had been rented out (along with Arthur Ashe Stadium) for a convention regarding the problems of the internet and how it destroys lives. I had said back then, as I do now, that it was nothing but a joke and a waste of time. Today, like before, I still say that the internet isn’t the problem. The problem is what is going on behind closed doors in these tight nit communities. This IS the real problem and one that the rabbis and the community as a whole dare not discuss as they instruct others not to either. But why? Have they ever wondered why people leave the community and are no longer religious? Look, people can deny this all they want but the fact of the matter is is that Satmar is nothing but a cult.

So anyway, they had the case and the victim testified for 3 long days (she had courage that’s for sure) and while I don’t know what was said I can bet you that she went into graphic details about what happened. She was 12 at the time yes but you don’t forget something like this. When the Judge announced the verdict, (guilty on all 60 counts) pandemonium broke out. His supporters cried: “Anti Semetisim” and “Jury smeared the truth” and “We don’t believe in a secular court” This went on and on. What his “supporters” fail to realize is that the Jury also took into a count the fact that he was unlicensed which is considered a crime.

The aftermath of this is saying that they (his supporters) will do whatever they can to keep him out of jail because according to one:  “The Torah does not allow this”  But it it allows guys to treat their women like shit? It allows them to molest little innocent boys and girls? It allows them to do whatever they want? Isn’t t here a double standered here somewhere? I went to school. I learned Talmud just like everyone else and when a crime was committed  you got lashes or stoned or condemned. But what I also learned and just as important is to treat others as you would want to be treated which means: TREAT A WOMEN AS IF SHE’S YOUR EQUAL For G-D said that he created them because man cannot survive without them. Without women we wouldn’t have a family to raise.

Final Thought: When asked by the media how they would solve this problem they proposed sending “these people” to another land to “fix them” which what they are saying is: There’s no problems and the secular world should not spread rumors and lies about us and it’s nothing but propaganda. Well, look who’s calling the kettle black…

There is one happy note to this: Because of this victim, other girls have started to come forth. YAY!! Charles Hynes has also now gone on record saying that he will start cracking down because”The wall has been broken” The community just laughed it off but guess what: The joke’s on you guys because this has been a long time coming and you will all get what you deserve.

Oh and when one crusader tries to out those that are pedophiles and you throw bleach at him for doing so,well,you deserve what you get and I hope that person rots in hell.





NEW YORK (November 20, 2012) – Hundreds of Jewish singles from New York, New Jersey and Connecticut will come together on Sunday, December 9, 2012 for the Tri-State area’s largest Chanukah party! This mega-party will take place at “Columbus 72” 246 Columbus Ave (at 72nd Street) in Manhattan from 6:30pm-1:00am. There will be a food and music, including two DJ’s and ‘The Night Brigade’ band who will be performing live all night long!


Once again, this party has been organized by the NYTW (Not Your Typical Weekend Corp.) a celebrated New York based Jewish singles organization which strives to present spectacular and stylish events, all with a low-cost entrance fee. NYTW is the largest young Jewish professional group in the tri-state with over 2,000 members! This year, ALL proceeds will go to directly benefit victims of Hurricane Sandy.


This magnificent evening will kick off with a Chanukah candle lighting at 7:00pm. There will be a beautiful dinner buffet provided by Olympic Pita Restaurant who will be offering up hot glatt kosher items including, Moroccan cigars, chicken rolls, falafel balls, kibbeh, laffa and an assortment of traditional salads. There will be fresh sushi and of course potato latkes & sufganiot (jelly donuts) to celebrate the holiday! There will be a cash bar with true drink specials all night long.


Dress as you like but dress to impress; remember ladies, it’s the night of miracles – dress to meet your man! And guys, don’t forget you have only one chance to make that first impression – look sharp.


Prices start as low as $18 per person with food and entertainment. For more information or to register visit: Register online TODAY as prices will increase as the date approaches.


This is an event for those 21-42 years of age (ID’s required). We welcome all Jews from traditional to orthodox and everything in-between.  This is an event for all Jews regardless of their religious affiliation. While this event is for singles, it is not a stereotypical ‘singles’ event–if you’re not married – you’re single! This is a classy party, a Jewish holiday party, one to remember!

Contact: Yaakov (Jeff) Grunstein (917-414-5603)

For More Information: Please check out:

Election Day 2012

     Election Day 2012 will not only go down as one of the most historic ones but also the one that angered many. Until now I have tried to abstain from my views and thoughts regarding said election because of the sensitivity of the topic. Politics in general is a no no in my book when it comes to talking about it because people tend to get very uptight when discussing it especially when it came to this year’s election. Actually, it was more of a civil war that broke out. Here are my thoughts regarding this whole situation of which will be my last time discussing it.

      As you know, Obama  won a second term which angered many. While I can understand why, there’s really nothing we can do about it. America is a democratic country which means we have a right to vote whomever we choose without any restrictions attached. It’s hard to know who voted for who (although based on my research majority of voters picked Romney) but the way I see it, we haven’t had a “good” President since Reagan.  So even if Romney had won, who’s to say he would have done better then Obama or Bush? 

    Four years ago we made history by voting in the first black President. Four years ago we were in similar situations that we are in now. While I’m not happy about it, I have to say that he won the election because of several factors:


Say what you will about this but Obama had promised to get the troops home in a reasonable amount of time and he did. He systematically ended the war and gave Iraq what they had sought for years. Give the man credit where it’s due.


When it comes to this, people are pretty ignorant. They say that it was the Navy Seals that killed him. Yes, this is true. However the President ordered the hit allowing them to do so. They had one chance to do this and it was down in the middle of the night and in secrecy. With Osama dead so is Al Queda. Well, they are still around but not as big as a presence as they were before. I believe Romney was quoted as saying killing Osama was wrong (I’m not sure though).


Many people criticized him for acting to quickly. Huh? Why is this a bad thing? He came to our aid when we needed it the most. Although he did offer to survey NY, our idiot Mayor turned him down (he won NY anyway). While Gov Christie is a Republican, he welcomed Obama with open arms and he said” This is what two people do in times like these because it’s the mature thing to do.” In my opinion, I believe this is why the President got all of NJ because in their hour of need he came to them.


I don’t know how many people remember this as it happened awhile back but when the industry was in trouble, Obama came to it’s aid to bail them out. It was a risky move for the Government but imagine what would have happened had they not done so. As a thank you for having their jobs saved, Michigan voted for Obama. A state that usually goes to the Republicans.



I watched bits and pieces of this. Read most of it in order to understand it better. While doing so, I realized that Romney reminded me much of McCain who was running four years ago and Romney was acting just like him. I remember vividly how McCain answered every time he was asked a question by telling us about his time as a POW. Well fine but what does that have to do with the question that was asked. When Romney was asked about his plans, his answer was “They’ll be reveled when I’m in the White House.” Really? That confident? Why can’t you have reveled it during the debates when you had the chance? If I am going to vote for you I want to know why… Where do you stand on this and this? How will you get America back to where she should be? Also, to me, Paul Ryan looks like a young Ross Perot.

Biden, to me, is a  really good speaker. He had my attention the entire time. He was articulate and to the point and knew what he was talking about while Ryan just seemed to keep lying at all costs and do we really want someone like that in office? I mean I saw right through Romney. Something about him just kept rubbing me the wrong way. Came Election Night and Romney was so confident that he’d win that it was being reported that he didn’t bother to write a concession speech(He also waited till the last minute to call Obama hoping for a turnaround that never had a chance) unlike Obama who had one for each just in case.

     I’m not going to praise Obama and say all is right with everything he did because he’s not perfect but I do try to understand the issues and what he did so far like a rational person and then I weighed that with Romney’s vision and it just didn’t seem like it was adding up. While I’m not taking sides, I went back and re read the ideals of both candidates and I realized that like every President before him, Obama had to come and finish the job started by Bush and while he may not have done many things that I may or may not agree with, I do believe that people are entitled to a second chance. This time, maybe he can prove people wrong. By the way, the fact that Ryan and Romney both lost their home state to Obama should really tell you something. And honestly, this race was over before it began. No one expected a winner to be declared so early and we won’t know how it happened but it became a historic night.

    In the end though, he is our President whether we like it or not. Will never know why people went for him instead of Mitt and frankly I don’t care only because there’s nothing that can be done about it. It is what it is. But to be angry about it or blame everything on him really is irrelevant. People seem to be quick to judge him without knowing facts and at the end of the day facts are facts and you can’t change that. It may seem like he’s doing things that you may not like but then again, we don’t know the whole story. So all we can do is suck it up for another four years and hope for the best.



Fleet Week

This post is dedicated to our troops


Last week, at the last minute, a friend asked if I wanted to meet up and I said yes. But on my way into the city said friend said that they won’t be ready till 8 which wasn’t a problem because I can always keep busy and find something to do. Figured with my iPAD on me I could sit in Starbucks but then I saw something interesting at one of my favorite theaters (AMC Empire 25). You see I thought we were meeting up for a movie so I walked in there to check out the times and maybe buy tickets (The Avengers of which I have yet to see.) While there, something unusual at this theater was going on. Men in black clothes were wandering and standing around. These people seemed like people you didn’t want to mess with but you probably wouldn’t want to anyway seeing as cops were standing watch as well. The building wasn’t evacuated so it couldn’t be anything serious and because my mind likes to wander and because I’m a curious little fella, I started trying to figure out was going on and then it hit me when I saw this:

You Never Saw Us And We’re None Existent.

Of course the reasoning behind this could be that the movie opens on Fri and they happen to be getting it. So this would make sense but then I see this:

I got two different color tickets what do I do?

But what if I’m colorblind?

So  now it makes sense either this is a premiere or some studio screening for members of the press and members of the guild and academy. That is until I saw the barricades going up with the yellow police tape and once I saw a Baldwin walking by and heading inside, I realized that this was a premiere for the movie so I’m thinking I’ll get to meet the Fresh Prince and cast if I stand there long enough which was more likely when my friend texted me and said another half hour. Fine by me I text back. But here’s the thing . If this is a premiere shouldn’t the place be locked down and maybe have the theater closed to the public? Besides that, if this is a premiere, shouldn’t TV cameras and entertainment journalists be lurking about and wouldn’t the road be closed with red carpet rolling down the street? So by process of elimination I knew this wasn’t a premiere but rather something else but what that was exactly I didn’t know until I asked a cop standing next to me. In the meantime, I was having fun with my friend telling them who was “arriving” and then I mentioned one particular celebrity whereupon I was told to get said picture of them. I texted that this is what happens when you miss out..

As it turned out, the MIB premiere was taking place but a few blocks down at another theater. What was really going on here and what I had forgotten until this moment that this was the start of Fleet week and these screenings were for the troops. Sailors and all. Of course why all the security was needed I don’t know but it felt a bit misleading. But you know what, after all is said and done, SONY did right by this. In a way I guess it’s their way of saying thank you to the troops for all they do for us. It is a nice gesture and commendable but I’m not sure the theater should have advertised the pic you see if it technically wasn’t a public screening.

I have yet to see the movie (Avengers first) but I really hope the men and women of the Navy enjoyed it because with what they are doing here and abroad, they deserve to have a fun night at the movies and having said that, after I started making my way towards my friend, I intercepted some troops and chatted with them for a bit but by the time I said goodbye to them I thanked them for their service and how I appreciate what they do and I saw the smile they made and that just made my night. It felt good to show them that we care because if not for them, we wouldn’t have a country to live in.

I have never been to Fleet Week but I hope to go one of these days. It’s really nice that here in NYC, the ships come in and dock next to the Intrepid because in my opinion, she served our country well for many years so Fleet Week may be for welcoming our troops and their ships but it’s also honoring the USS Intrepid for her years of serving with pride and honor and letting the world know that history is one that is remembered for all time and that we are a civilized country that honor all who served. Past, present and future. And for some, this is the first time they are in NY and when they see Lady Liberty they smile and know she’s the symbol of why we serve and that more then anything is what this country means. Land of the Free and Home of the Brave for Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow.

Godspeed and Good Luck.