The New Star Trek Film

Well, I got to see the new Star Trek movie and honestly, I really thought they would screw it up. I mean how do you recast the actors who portrayed Kirk, Spock, Bones and the rest that all know and love? Some of us even grew up with the cast of Shatner and company… So how do you recast without pissing off any of the fans? It seems you do it very carefully and try to get the right actors for the right roles. Does it always work? No, but done carefully and correctly, it will work and thankfully it did.

JJ Abrams said Pine was the last to be cast because it’s hard to find the right Kirk. He mentioned it was Pine against Damon for the role. Do I think Damon should have won it instead? Tough call because in my opinion, they both would have done the role justice. Sure Damon’s a bit old for the role but should that matter? I think  not. I think as long as a movie is well casted, anyone can do it.

Which brings me to the story. How do you reboot a franchise when everything has been told already more then once? How do you reboot to bring back the fans and try to get new ones without pissing anyone off? Well, if your the lucky one/s you begin a viewing marathon of  TOS and it’s movies and play the “fill in the gap” game. You take notes and ask questions like:  What has not been seen yet? What is missing? In this case, the”origin” of how Kirk and crew came to be. How did they meet? How did they become lifelong friends? So you have the starting point and run with it now what?

Well, a passing of the torch if you will by bringing back Shatner and Nimoy in some form or another. Sadly, one came without the other and Shatner kept saying you neeed me in this movie? Really? Is he that shallow? Why can’t he have taken the cameo offered to him? Is that not better then nothing? Let me be honest. I really thought Shatner’s bitching and complaining was a marketing ploy concocted by Paramount and that Shatner was really in the movie  and it was going to be kept secret. But here’s the thing, the writers said that Kirk was killed in Generations (still never should have been done) and there was no way to bring him back however, this being Star Trek, characters are always back in some form and if this is a time travel story, I’m sure a way could have been found just like a way was found for Nimoy (and yes I’m aware that was essential to the plot).

I absolutley enjoyed the film overall though but like most films, it did have some flaws. For instance: Eric Bana seemed like he was bored at times playing Nero. He could have been given much more to do. There’s a lot of his scenes that ended up on the cutting room floor that probably could have stayed in. Also, I’m not sure why JJ decided to focus more on Kirk’s origin then Spock’s. Is it more important to the film? Is Kirk more popular? Who knows? It also seems to me like everyone, aside from the main 3 had little or nothing to do and even Scotty doesn’t appear till halfway through. As for Nimoy, I think he had more then a cameo and it was great to see him in that role again.

And the music was okay. Not great but it managed to entertain me and hearing the theme and words on the screen again literally bought chills and goosebumps to my spine.  I wish JJ would have brought back James Horner who’s scores from TWOK and TSFS are still memorable and one of the finer scores for a Trek film.

So, where does Trek go from here? What story do you tell next? Do you bring back Khan and cast Javier Bardem who it’s been said is perfect for the role along with Shatner? Or do you go another way with a new original story? It’s a tough call and one I’m sure Abrams and team are discussing but one thing is clear. The right story is everything and if  you have that with the same team in place, you can have another successfuel Trek movie in place. It’s just a shame we have to wait  two years to find out.