Truth in Advertising

The internet is a powerful weapon. It can be used for good or evil. It’s both a blessing and a curse in the hands of humans. Same goes for Facebook. Case in point: In a few weeks, there will be a holiday we call The Giving Of The Torah (Shavout) and many like to go away be it a hotel, camp or something else. So we then get bombarded with “promoters” advertising places non stop. While this is okay, truth in advertising is something that apparently is NOT in their vocabulary.  While there are promoters that get paid to advertise and bring in people, there job is also to be honest about the place they are doing it for. There’s no reason why they need to be aggressive and bullying to attract a crowd. On top of that, they have a reputation to consider and therefore they shouldn’t say things about the place when it is simply not true.Technically, they can say whatever they want because of our First Amendment rights. But to what extent?

    Okay here’s a scenario: You go away with friends on an event and you are all having a good time. Then something happens that can be serious. People come down with a bout of food poisoning with a few ending up in the hospital. Fast forward to a year later where you have the same organizers going back to the same place.

Next Scenario: You know of a place that in it’s heyday, used to be the place to be but over the years it fell into a state of disrepair. Now you go there and see for yourself the shape it’s in. One year later, you see the promoters doing their thing and you know that it’s not true. What do you do? Do you have an obligation to inform others especially if they may have allergies?

Why do I bring this up? Because I did just that and all hell broke loose. Sure I knew it was going to happen but I felt that it had to be done because someone has to stand up for their fellow singles. I’ve been burned and/or trapped and I don’t want that happening to others. In fact, when it does (and it has) people get turned off from ever wanting to attend another event and why should they have to suffer because of that? 

    Promoters have a responsibility because they are  representing the venue and, in some cases,themselves as well. So if you are advertising a place that is: “Beautiful with impeccable service and a sell out crowd with a great singles program and you know that some of this is the opposite what do you do? First of all, because a promoter is representing the venue that venue has a certain image and if  I, as a promoter, misrepresent that to the public there’s a question of morals that come into play. One is: People will come based on what I advertised. Two: They will come because of the price. Now you get there and find out the place is falling apart and not at all what was advertised. So now you have a problem. people will be up in arms for being lied to which means now that venue’s image has now changed because of what the promoters did. Here’s the thing though: While I understand promoters are being paid to do just that, there’s no reason why they need to be aggressive and bullish about it. Eventually people will come because of it but they will find out the truth.. Then what? 

   So when you start to publicly list all the events with the pros and cons and then get attacked for it, that is what I don’t understand. What is wrong with doing that?  People don’t have a right to know if they don’t know which venue to go to? All you do is put the options out to help them decide… 

Same thing with the food poisoning. Sure it happens. That’s life but as an organizer, it’s your responsibility to make sure these things don’t happen again. Well, no, there’s more to it then that. You, the organizer, are in charge of everyone that is at the event which means that if something goes wrong it is your job to own up and admit it and then apologize not to deny it and blame it on someone who wasn’t even there. It’s common sense really. Think about it. If word gets out (and it usually does) what do you think will happen? Well, do you really trust this person again? Do you go on their events in the future? A person’s reputation is very important and in my opinion, it can be ruined in an instant.  Like I said, shit happens but you have to be able to deal with the outcome of it. How far does one go to inform others about said place without crossing a line? It’s funny. No matter what you do or how you do it, there will be those that will hate you for it and those that will support you for it and that’s okay because people who really know you know that you are just trying to be a good person by helping others out. But if it’s one thing I learned it’s that you have to prepared for what comes once you make those posts.

      Speaking of which: It is very unprofessional (and probably unethical) for any business to threaten you with a lawsuit for posting something they don’t agree with especially when it is in public domain. Promoters and venue management cross a line when they start messaging and bullying everyone who posts a comment to your post asking it to be removed. Forget the fact that Freedom of Speech allows people to say whatever they want within reason, but if everyone got annoyed at every bad review out there then where would our entertainment value be? It’s the nature of life. Besides, it makes you look bad and gives you a bad name when you do it.

  I understand that it’s a business and that they try to do the best they can to make people happy and happy customers are returning ones. But they also don’t want to be lied to. If someone is paying $400 for a weekend he/she wants to get their money’s worth. In today’s day and age, the way the economy is, people will be cautious how they spend it and where they spend it. Sometimes giving people different options listing the pros and cons of each can be helpful to them and they will thank you in the end.

And really this is what it really comes down to. There are some honest event planners and promoters out there who care about their reputation and their people and then there are others who are just in it for the money and could care less about what you you think and that is just wrong because eventually the truth will come out and people will expose them for who they really are. But until that happens, someone has to take a stand and do what’s right. People will either appreciate you for it or they will do what they can to make you look bad which is expected. But when people start to follow in your lead and support you, what happens then? Will these “promoters” still trash you and deny it all? As Captain Picard once said: “The line must be drawn here and now” and when that happens, more people will come out in support of you and say no more and when that day comes  hopefully it’ll mean more singles will be able to continue going to events without any problems.

Let me leave you with this powerful yet appropriate quote. 

“To Thine Own Self Be True:—- William Shakespeare.



The Challenges of Work

Yesterday I was asked to do something that I have not done before and that was to create RSS feeds and post them. For those who don’t know, RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. What this does is pretty simple. It allows you to go to any website and subscribe to their feed. For example: If you visit MSNBC and wanted to just know what’s going on with the weather, you’d click on that subscribe link and it goes into your feed reader. The most popular one for that would be Google Reader. Once there, it shows everything you are subscribed to and clicking on any of those links will take you just to that page on the site.

Anyway, my first thing I had to do was figure out how I was going to do this. I didn’t have any “dummy” book to use so I had to find something else which is why I always say Google’s your friend because I was able to find what i need in less then five minutes. What I was pointed to was this: How To Create Feed   which I found to be very helpful and informative. Granted,it took awhile to get the hang of it but once I did, it was a breeze. I haven’t as yet made it all public but the ones I did can be found by searching Google.

So, as the title says: The Challenges of Work with the keyword being CHALLENGE because that’s what this is and, in my opinion, it’s what keeps your job interesting. It’s always good to learn new things especially when you have to do it on your own. But with learning comes new challenges and with new challenges comes excitement. Maybe not in that order but you get the gist.

I get pleasure when I see my work all over the place. It makes me feel accomplished. Proud. Put’s a smile on my face. But more then that, I don’t speak computer. I’m not a programmer, coder or anything in between so whatever I did is pretty basic stuff but believe it or not, even the basic stuff isn’t as easy as it seems. I’m working with every known browser and only one is compatible with what I’m doing which I can’t explain. Strangely enough, when I look at our website, it only looks normal with the IE browser and everything else gets a mobile version which is strange seeing as  we don’t have one….yet. But why the IE one is normal and the others aren’t I have no clue.

Still, it all works,  normal view or not and for that I won’t complain. I’ll just continue adding and creating feeds and trying to learn new things as I go along. If a job isn’t challenging or creative, you might want to question if your in the right place.

Now, when you search for anything having to do with mobile products (accessories and things) just know that one of them may have been one that I did and it’s something that will be there until I delete. Dummy book or no Dummy book. I did it all by myself.